Good Press, Bad Press and Worse Press

PR can get messy. Let's take a look…

Seeking to Kill Bad Press IS Bad Press March 7, 2010

It’s a part of the game.  When a company is publicly traded they are targeted with a great deal of public scrutiny.  Many times, companies try to avoid this or discredit those who are criticizing them.  This is only natural to defend the company’s image.  However, I believe sometimes these efforts can make a company look worse.

Toyota is a great example.  With all the public scrutiny, the public tried to say that they were being unfairly scrutinized by the press.  It is the press’ job to identify issues that the public should know about. Knowing about Toyota’s “vehicle issues” is the public’s right .  This isn’t great for a company’s image; however, trying to place blame on those who are criticizing the company actually makes the company look defensive and ultimately guilty.  Pointing fingers is never good press. Here is a great article that analysis Toyota’s PR crisis.

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